Los Angeles, California

by Regena "Sonray" Reigns

Happy 2015! A Year of Prosperity.
     Greetings! I love the beginning of New Years because it brings all of us an opportunity to set the tone and intentions for the next 365 days. We’ve been given a remarkable gift to pursue our dreams, connect with family and friends and change the world through our artistry!
     I'm also approaching a milestone because this February will mark my one-year anniversary in Los Angeles. This city is quite different from the Midwest--from the sunny weather all year round, the opportunity to work on movie studio sets with Hollywood A-Listers and renowned directors to buying the famous sprinkle cupcakes at vending machines in Beverly Hills; LA has its perks.
     This experience also solidifies the importance of developing a **supportive** network of family and friends because on some days, you're gong to need extra encouragement as you pursue your artistry in an unpredictable field. Having a healthy level of emotional reserves is key because as artists/actors we have high artistic examinations. I’m a true believer that the better I know myself as a person, the more I have to offer through my artistry.

      Take some time to examine what worked and what you can improve upon from 2014 for valuable insight for 2015. Here's a technique I use: Take four sheets of paper--on two sheets list the categories of family, spirituality, health, emotional wellness, beauty, confidence, finances, friendships, living accommodations and of course career achievements. List what worked. For the remaining two sheets of paper, list the same categories and list what needs enhancing. Be honest. There isn’t any pressure and you do not have to share this information with anyone, it’s purely for your spirit. Put your lists in a private place and after a day go back and review. The insight you will glean is valuable.
     My second suggestion-after you examine the previous year, is to release the past to the universe and know that your future is (according to one of my favourite authors, Louise Hay) “Bright, joyous and secure!” You have everything within you to make your dreams a reality. You may not have the complete instructions; however your heart will be the compass on the map to your destiny.
      I would like to share and declare that 2015 will be the breakout year in all facets of my life especially my spoken word/poetry artistry. The first step is using the power of spoken word and conscious thought to bring desires into existence.  Prepare for your prosperity, it’s already yours!

“This is another year to accomplish your dreams
may prosperity reach you through multiple streams,
and flow through a journey that is bright,
I wish you love, laughter and light!”


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