Getting Your Career Unstuck, LA-Style

by our new L.A. contributor, Christina DeRosa

Let’s get real. We as artists have all been to that dark side where we have thoughts that don’t serve us. At various times in our life and career, we struggle with those “Negative Nellie” thoughts as I call them. “Why aren’t I further along in my career?”,  “Why haven’t I booked this job yet?”, “Why aren’t I getting more opportunities?”, “Why don’t I have the career that (insert name) has?” 

Earlier this year, I was becoming obsessed with these “Whys”. Obsessing over my lack and limitation, I was not seeing how full and abundant life already was. I was fed up and desperate for anything to make a shift. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and wanted to make a change. I did something about it. 

I made a shift-- actually I made a few. I started to name that voice, so now if a thought I don’t enjoy comes up, I say, “Oh, that’s just Nellie speaking.” Then I say, “Hey Nellie, how do you know that is true?” Usually Nellie is quiet after that last question. 

Another change I made was to start listening to inspiring audios that could change my yucky unconscious beliefs and make me feel supported by a community. I enrolled in Wendy Braun’s Spotlight program and started listening every single day and writing in my spotlight journal. 

It’s pretty cool that I noticed immediate effects. Check it out. 

• I am having WAY more fun with my life and loving who I am.
• I am allowing myself to have dinner dates with friends more and go to pool parties and not feel guilty like “I should be focused on my career right now.”
• I’m thinking bigger, more aware of my fear thoughts when I have them and more forgiving of myself and others.
• I’m taking really great care of myself, making Korean spa day a priority, mani/pedi’s, facials and taking more relaxing baths.

• Booked a supporting lead in the feature film, “Woman on the Edge” straight to offer, opposite Rumer Willis, no audition required, which was a complete surprise
• After writing my mission statement, which was a leap of faith and felt bigger than me, I was asked to be of service in Mexico volunteering at an orphanage which was in alignment with my mission statement.
• I got to attend the Premiere of the movie, BAD MOMS starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate (which I also got cast in).
• I received my First Executive Producer credit on a feature film through Odyssey Media and am now working with the same company on my second one.
• I’m taking agent meetings for theatrical representation with agents I never would have thought would be interested
• My sister is pregnant with a baby girl, which is a miracle manifested. (She had a miscarriage last year and I have been praying for her and the baby on the way.)

For me it’s about daily practice. I listen to inspiring audios, such as “Manifesting Miracles,” where I learned to fully forgive myself and others, “Quantum Leap” which got me thinking and dreaming bigger, and “Practicing the Art of Trust and Detachment,” which makes me cry almost every time I listen to it, learning to trust that letting go is letting in. I write in my journal and I chant for my happiness and the happiness of others and pray with prayer partners and have “future poll” calls, where I speak out loud to my partner what I want to manifest

So if you’re feeling stuck like I was, my advice is this:
• Keep on keeping the faith!
• Find a team of people who believe in you, maybe it’s an acting class, an accountability partner, prayer partners, gratitude partners, whoever you choose, feel you have cheerleaders.
• Live by this: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Wayne Dyer
• Don’t allow others to rob you of your joy!
• It’s all about shifting our mindset
• I believe gratitude is the best attitude.
• Be good to yourself-Eat foods that nourish you, exercise, get outside, think positive thoughts about yourself. If you call yourself fat, you heard that. If I say, I’ll never get a LA theatrical agent, then I won’t. “Thoughts become things….choose the good ones” Mike Dooley.
• Get daily inspiration, follow Mike Dooley, Abraham Hicks, Mary Morrissey. Whoever inspires you for daily mantras. I create my own on social media, follow me on Twitter if you want one every 9AM PST

What advice would you give to someone who is feeling stuck in their career path or life journey? Please put your comments below and remember we are here to support one another. ((GROUPHUG))

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  1. Love this, Christina! Your beautiful spirit is an inspiration to all.

  2. That is so sweet, thank you for reading this! Peace and blessings!