Let's Get Social Actors!

You are an Actor!

So the product you are constantly promoting, pitching and selling is YOU!

So Let's Get Social! Are you Active on Social Media?

Let me Clarify ACTIVE..... I don't mean you only post once you book a commercial or film or TV show.  I mean ACTIVE, as in you post every single day.  You want the world to think about you right?  So why wouldn't you post daily.  You want the world to know you and understand who you are.

I get it, that could sound overwhelming so here are 5 ideas of what you can post to share a bit about yourself to your audience regardless if you are on set or not.

1.  On MONDAYS.  Post about your goal for the week and ask your followers what their goal is today so you can hold one another accountable.  Can we say #AccountabilityPartners

2.  Post about a cause you care about and tell us why you are passionate about that cause.  Tag the non profit and let your followers know how they can donate or volunteer.  Your followers don't just want to hear about your acting work but what makes your heart sing besides acting.  And if you can't think up a cause, maybe it's time to journal on that and find one you can get behind.

3.  Make a video telling us why you became an actor.  You can engage with your followers asking when did they know what they were meant to do.

4.  Post a picture or video of the show you are currently binge watching and ask your followers if they have seen it.  Be interested in what they are watching and create a conversation.  It is SOCIAL media.

5.  Post on TBT (throwback Thursday) or #waybackWednesday and post a picture or video of you performing as a child.  Perhaps there is a story that you can share along with the picture or video.

There are so many other ideas I trust you can think up and you can't really mess this up as long as you are authentically coming from your heart and sharing who you are.

I started posting once a week a living mantra which is an affirmation video.  I post every single day a living mantra on Twitter and LinkedIn and my Facebook page but recently upleveled to post a living mantra video on my Tik Tok page every Monday and I share it to my Instagram stories and Twitter.  It feels good to inspire more people especially during these uncertain times.

Comment and let me know what you are posting on SOCIAL MEDIA this week!  See you on SOCIAL!

Christina DeRosa

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