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Namaste and greetings lovely people!!

     I hope your 2016 is going swell. We're still in the first quarter of the year so we still have time to set the intention for the remainder of the year. Being in the entertainment or "show business" may seem unstable for some so it's best to have a plan that will sustain you in this industry. Part of your plan may involve finding an agent or manager  to help secure work, booking auditions yourself and building relationships with casting directors, producers, writers and actors but it should also involve...drumroll...creating your own content!!

Yes, you have the power and resources to share stories. And due to the savvy of technology and the popularity of social media--Skype, Google Hangout and Periscope you have a myriad of platforms to share your content. The reason why creating your content is very important is because you're actively participating in your destiny. Instead of waiting for someone to discover the star that you are, you're showcasing your various gifts. And remember we're in a visual medium. Often times directors and casting directors would like to already see you in the role they are looking to book. For example, if they're looking to book a nurse and you have a reel that showcases you as a nurse in a scene or web series then you will probably have an advantage. So lets explore some options.

You already know the power of YouTube. It's a video-sharing website with videos receiving millions of views, that's higher than some television shows that are currently airing on cable. However, did you know if you have at least 10,000 subscribers, you can use their YouTube Space in LA for free!
And they have games you can play, including the new Star Wars game.

Looking to share your story on stage? Whether it's a poem, scene or comedy routine there are various places in the Los Angles surrounding areas that are free or charge a modest amount to showcase your artistry. Among them, includes:

Two Roads Theatre in Studio City (every Thursday)
Da Poetry Lounge (every Tuesday)
The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles

Of course, there are plenty of more venues, I'm just sharing the some of the ones I've visited that offers a supportive atmosphere.

Delivering the spoken word at Two Roads Theatre.

And if you would like to expand your artistry to a one person play, a play with a full cast or even a television show, the Pasadena Playhouse offers a range of artistic opportunities that are amazing!

Other options includes:

Moments Playhouse
The Actors Gang
Geffen Playhouse (you will need a literary agent)

You've heard the saying, "I'm waiting for my ship to come in." Well don't wait. The key to thriving in show business is sending out multiple ships everyday. You're sending out a big ship when you take the bold step and share your light with the world. Often times agents, directors and studio executives attend productions to find new and authentic talent. You could be the talent they're searching for!

The foundation of great content starts with great writing. So start writing. Do you have an amazing story or innovative idea living inside of you? Of course Make a commitment to write for at least twenty minutes a day. And you may be pleasantly surprise that your writing evolves to content that leads you to a one of a kind production.

And from my experience after my performances, audience members normally ask me where can they see more of my material or if they could have a copy of one of my poems. I took the liberty of authoring a book for some of my artistic material through Amazon & CreateSpace, a division of Amazon. It's free, simple and the return on your investment is plentiful because having something tangible in your hands that you've created instills pride and profit. Imagine producing a play and giving audience members the option of purchasing your enhances the experience for you and them. Everyone wins!

Check out my book "Every Woman Has a Hidden Scar that Only God Can Heal"-

And the remarkable gift of sharing your light and gifts with the world through the content you create is that others may want to collaborate you, book you for a gig/audition or refer you to their colleague. Creating your content shows discipline, talent, organizational skills and confidence in yourself. All traits of a star! I'm looking forward to seeing the content you create on page, stage on the screen!

Believe. Achieve. Manifest Your Dreams!

It was an honor to be a part of a fantastic collective artists around the globe. We are strengthened by each other's creativity and talent so therefore sharing is pivotal. Blogging via this platform has been a memorable experience I will treasure.* 

Regena Robinson

*This is Regena's final post with AGG. We will miss her so much!

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