For Actors: Going Skin Deep

This month I have decided to share with you a guilty pleasure of mine that is certainly important for actors: skin care.

Since reaching the big 3-0, people have asked me nicely ("You are glowing!") and meanly ("Do you get botox?") about my skin care routine. Being an uber pale girl, I do have a few tips.


First of all, I drink a mad amount of water each day. Especially before auditions for roles a decade younger, I tend to drink to the point of exhaustion, because nothing plumps the skin better from within than being ultra-hydrated. And yes, I pee a lot.

I have used sunscreen EVERY DAY-- summer or winter, rain or shine-- since I was sixteen. They say that everything over SPF 30 is BS, but oh well, I use "Neutrogena’s Age Shield face SPF 110". Never had a sun burn, never had a wrinkle. #placebo

I do get facials fairly regularly - probably every 8 weeks. The best one for my skin is called the Hydra Facial. They do it all around the world and my skin just looks like someone put a beauty filter onto it for days afterward. I have tried the Vampire Facial and some light chemical peels but I have to say that the Hydra Facial still shows the best results. I suggest finding a salon you like and trying out a few different facials and see what works best for you.

Last but not least, I have to admit I eat very well (mostly vegan) and I do notice a difference when I suddenly eat crap.


Face Masks: I love them and I probably have a dozen different ones. I use a different one almost every day. When I feel my skin is a little out of balance and unclear I go for mud masks - the powder from the pharmacy mixed with some water. Oh, and a mask I love in the morning, making my skin look like baby’s behind is “Goddess Skin Clay Mask by Charlotte Tilbury” - perfect for audition days. Most evenings I use a sheet mask - I buy them in bulk from Amazon (sorry) - or an overnight leave-on mask. This is of course only when I am alone or next to an already asleep man ;)

Just some of my products ;)

I have gotten Micro Needling done at the salon a few times. Apart from being painful, I did like the results, but not as much as with the Hydra Facial, The idea, however, is that the effects last longer. After I saw the amazing results on two of my friends (one 28, one 50) I started doing home needling. There are a bunch of tutorials online - the process is fairly straight forward and if done regularly, it does work wonders and is super cheap. You do have to have super clear skin to do it though, otherwise you are just spreading the bacteria around your face.

An older woman with perfect skin swears on this electric device “Nuface” - I have actually bought it but for some reason I have not gotten into it properly...I should though - she looks amazing.

I have not done Botox or Fillers yet, but I am totally not opposed to either. I have a couple of friends who have done it and you’d never know it - but I have also seen people go off the deep end...


Morning: I wash my face with cold water in the shower (I end every shower with ice cold water all over the body, to tighten up those pores) and then I use a serum by Deciem ( and a moisturiser before I put my sunscreen on. I really like Deciem, because the quality is amazing and, as their tagline famously says, science doesn’t know luxury, so they are super cheap. For a moisturiser, I have to admit I have returned to "Creme de la Mer.” I've tried many different ones, but I just love the texture, and despite the initial price tag being high, you need so little every day that even their smallest jar lasts a full year. Then, of course, sunscreen on my face and the back my hands.

Make Up: Definitely not my speciality, but I always use a primer, to even out my skin tone and give it a little glow, currently “Benefit’s Pore Professional Pearl Primer.” The hands down best foundation I have ever used and was used on me during a full feature shoot is: “Sensai’s Cellular Performance.” Yes, it's pricey, but I only use it as a concealer and it's just perfect (my best friend loves it as well). Lots of mascara and a bit of red lipstick on my lips and cheeks and I am out of the house.

Evening: First I take off all make up and mascara and dirt with cold pressed coconut oil. Then I use a light exfoliator - currently the "Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix” and then Micellaire Water as a toner. Only through doing that three step cleanse every night have I gotten my skin to be truly spotlessly clean - for some this might be too much, but my skin seems to need it. Then I use a Deciem Serum and on some days their Retinol or their Vitamin C moisturiser. Plus I always massage my face while I put on the serums and the creams. My favourite eye cream remains, after trying soooo many, “Hyaluron- Filler by Eucerin”.

My all time favourite body moisturiser is “Iso-Urea from La Roche-Posay.” I have always had dry skin, and so have tried hundreds of body lotions and oil,s but using this one every day after my shower is the only thing that has made me feel silky all over. Pick the milk, not the fluid if you have extra dry skin like me.When my skin gets really dry or flakey, I sometimes scrub it down with a coconut salt mix - for me it’s great, try it!

Yeah, I wish I could say it’s just good genetics, but this is all the shit I do plus I really do enjoy kale ;) Please comment below if you have skin care products you adore or any other tips and tricks!!!

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