De-Stress! Go on a vacation!

Hello Friends,

I spent over a week on vacation in Cartagena, Colombia this month

 I made new friends, ate at the same restaurants Anthony Bourdain raved about, explored new sites, jumped into a bottomless mud volcano and fell in love all over again with myself and with my life.

It was a big deal to get away from the hustle of LA LA LAND. 

The day before my flight to Bogota, Colombia, I was on avail for a commercial and promised my new commercial agents, if I booked it, I would cancel my trip. 

Originally at the casting and callback, the dates did not interfere with my trip.  As much as I wanted to book that $50,000 commercial so I could travel even more, I am glad I didn't because I would have had to cancel my July Colombia vacation.   And what would that have meant, I am putting my personal life aside again and again for my career.  I love traveling.  It truly makes my soul sing. And what I have learned since returning back to LA LA LAND is, I am a better actor and an even better person, because of all the places I have been, people I connected with and experiences I have had. 

Since returning back from Colombia, my energy is more in the flow.  Casting opportunities are falling in my lap and I just know I will be on avail again real soon for another spot and book it this time.  More importantly, I am enjoying life even more and embracing every step of this journey and ready for my next vacation.

New Mexico and Buenos Aires, Argentina is next on the list...for this 2018!

As I slip back into "work mode," I'm noticing the reappearance of stress already.  So my advice to all of you, (myself included), wherever you are in the world, wherever you are in your career, is to TRAVEL.  Get out there and visit those friends you haven't seen in years!  Go to that country you always wanted to travel to and try new foods, meet new people.  It will make you a more interesting actor, and ultimately an even better person!

Bottom line, Do what brings you joy!  Joy leads to more Joy!

Much love!
Christina DeRosa

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